Timber framing isn’t just popular here in the USA—our neighbors up in Canada also enjoy the natural beauty and comfort of a timber frame home. Canadian builders could take advantage of the currency exchange to attract potential American homeowners. At the current exchange rate, one US dollar (USD) equals about $1.33 Canadian loonies (CAD) as of April 2017—sounds crazy, right? Wouldn’t you think it would be less expensive to build with a Canadian supplier if they charge less American dollars than a domestic builder?

It turns out that you won’t be saving that much money if you buy from Canada: their suppliers raised their prices to fit the American market. Although they seemingly ask for less than American builders, Canadian builders ask for more money when buying the logs used to build a timber frame log. Demand for all builders increases, making American buyers pay more for their new home.

But paying more won’t mean your home’s construction will be supervised by the Canadian builder’s crew. Canadian crews can’t even work in the United States! Most of them hire subcontracted American builders to assemble and raise the frame on your home’s site, making the entire project more expensive. At best, they may send an advisor to help the subcontracted workers, but there is no guarantee they will.

Woodhouse has worked in the timber framing business for over thirty-five years; we are familiar with the market changes brought by our Canadian competitors. We price competitively with them, making sure you get the best complete service for what you pay. They may have better websites and seemingly lower price, but Woodhouse offers a more experienced, comprehensive package.