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With over 35 years of experience building dream homes of all shapes and sizes Woodhouse® is ready to make your vision for a Timber Frame Home in Wisconsin a reality. 

Several factors make Wisconsin a geographically diverse region. Wisconsin is bordered by several well-known bodies of water including the Montreal River, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan, and is covered by more than 11,188 square miles of water. The rugged, glacially carved landscape attracts vacationers and provides for a wide variety of seasonal activities. From snowmobiling to fly fishing and hiking up the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, there is something to do for everyone. At Woodhouse® we will work with you to build the perfect Timber Frame Home that is suited to your needs— all the while protecting the harmony of the surrounding environment.

Whether you are looking to build a one-of-a-kind luxury custom post and beam home, or looking to choose from our complete line of customizable, SmartWood™ pre-designed timber frame homes, Woodhouse® provides an unrivaled number of flexible timber frame building options to choose from. For faster service, call 800-227-4311.

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For more information on state zoning and planning requirements, please check out the following link:

Wisconsin Building Codes

Brian Giroux

Brian Giroux
Midwest Regional Project Manager
Office Phone: 517.740.9717

Email: bgiroux@timberframe1.com

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