Timber Frame Carriage House

Past Carriage House Designs

An 18th or 19th century home of any consequence included a carriage house. Carriage houses for small, city houses could be small, utilitarian, or only adequate to house one small carriage. However, carriage houses for large estates could be quite elaborate and large enough to house many carriages, horses, tack, and hay. They could even include basic living quarters for the staff who managed the horses and carriages.  As the transition from horse and buggy to automobile occurred, these appealing structures were often converted into garages and guest suites.

Our Carriage House Plans

The Carriage House Series honors this tradition by providing two and three stall garages with beautiful timber frame apartments above.  They are perfect for an addition to your current “estate” or to serve as a temporary home while you build your final Woodhouse® timber frame home!

View two of our timber frame carriage house plans “The Bronson” or “The Shelburne” on our Woodhouse® Blog!

Each Woodhouse Carriage Home has:


**All square footage amounts listed are shown as “Gross Livable Square Footage.” “Gross Livable Square Feet” is defined as the combined floor area of all levels for the building structure, encompassing the perimeter of the exterior wall line, but not including space under a 5’0” height line, typically occurring at the second floor where roof lines intersect with floor lines. Any lower levels (basements), connectors, or garage areas are not included in our package price, but framing materials are available at an additional cost. Contact your Woodhouse® representative to learn more about our barn homes and barn home plans.**