Craftsman House Plans

Traditional Craftsman Style House Plans

American architectural giant Louis Sullivan coined the phrase “form follows function” and the concept was embraced by the arts and crafts or craftsman style of architecture early in the last century. Low-pitched roof-lines, shed dormers, and some evidence of the interior structure flowing through to the outside are what define this style.

Craftsman Style Home Plans by Woodhouse

The Craftsman Series of timber frame home designs are perfect examples of this style and offer a broad range of sizes to fit your specific project.

Each Woodhouse Craftsman Home has:

There are many variables but here are a few that will influence the price:

  • Volume of space is a better indicator of cost than square footage
  • Cathedral space costs more than space under a second floor.
  • Finish specifications — granite costs more than Formica; a Wolfe stove costs more than a Kitchen Aid.
  • Location can have a huge impact on building costs — it costs more to build in California than it does in Texas.
  • The home site influences cost — perching a home on the edge of a ravine costs more than flat, open prairie land due to builder access.


**All square footage amounts listed are shown as “Gross Livable Square Footage.” “Gross Livable Square Feet” is defined as the combined floor area of all levels for the building structure, encompassing the perimeter of the exterior wall line, but not including space under a 5’0” height line, typically occurring at the second floor where roof lines intersect with floor lines. Any lower levels (basements), connectors, or garage areas are not included in our package price, but framing materials are available at an additional cost. Contact your Woodhouse® representative to learn more about our barn homes and barn home plans.**