Coastal Living House Plans

Coastal Timber Frame Home Plans

Timber frame homes are not just for the mountains! Our new “Shore Series” timber frame homes are perfect for a coastal setting. Inspired by some of our favorite custom Woodhouse® projects of the past, the Shore Series combines everything you love about timber frames – open floor plans, cathedral spaces, lofts, and great rooms. Although they would fit in perfectly on the coast, these homes are perfect for any setting!

Timber Frame Beach House Designs

View our Shore Series Home Plans:

  • Sand Piper
  • The Sea Crest
  • The Ocean View

Or browse one of our custom costal house designs in our gallery, The Beach House & Meditation Center a 900 sq. ft. beach house located in the Finger Lake Region of New York State.

Each Woodhouse Shore Home has:


**All square footage amounts listed are shown as “Gross Livable Square Footage.” “Gross Livable Square Feet” is defined as the combined floor area of all levels for the building structure, encompassing the perimeter of the exterior wall line, but not including space under a 5’0” height line, typically occurring at the second floor where roof lines intersect with floor lines. Any lower levels (basements), connectors, or garage areas are not included in our package price, but framing materials are available at an additional cost. Contact your Woodhouse® representative to learn more about our barn homes and barn home plans.**